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Flaka Jahaj

Iahai International invites Amsterdam

08.09.2017 — 10.09.2017

We are excited to announce the collaboration between IAHAI International and Bonne Suits.

Amsterdam born Borine Rejin, known for developing his Bonne Suit: an accessibly priced suit made for any person, any occasion and any situation, is collaborating with Swiss Kosovar knitwear designer Flaka Jahaj.

IAHAI international designer Flaka Jahaj has taken the Bonne Suit and re-interpreted it in her trademark style colourful & elaborate handicrafts. In her interpretations she combines all the handknitting techniques the women in her atelier master. Thereby creating a link from traditional Kosovar knitting to the young urban crowds that make up Bonne Suits’ customer base.

To portray this ‘bridging-of-two-worlds’ even better, Amsterdam-based stylist Tirino Yspol and creative multitalented Georgy Dendoe (known from SMIB music and Sumibu clothing) travel along with Flaka and Bonne to Kosovo to shoot a photo reportage about the collaboration. They aim to portray the women who are knitting the suits, but also the Kosovar identity that functioned as inspiration to Flaka’s suits.

In the weekend of the 8th, 9th and 10th of September the collaboration will be presented with a pop-up store and exhibition at Passenger in Pristina.